October 4-6, 2019 - Fighting for Families

A dedicated retreat for Military and First Responders.

Join Serving Marriages for this retreat dedicated to serving those that serve our country. While you guard our freedom and our families, allow us to help you guard your marriage.

Joining us to lead our retreat is Dr. Shawn and Christina Stoever! Shawn is Senior Director for the WinShape Foundation. Shawn and Christina are passionate about marriage and family and are always eager to share how we can experience fulfillment and joy in life. Whether leading retreats, writing, or appearing on television and radio broadcasts, the Stoever's humor, enthusiasm, and wisdom allow them to fully connect with us. The Stoevers' will use their humor, biblical principles, practical insights, and passion in the following areas to help us move towards "The Marriage You Want":

  • Creating a vision that energizes your marriage
  • Countering the pace of life and obstacles that rob you of the marriage you want
  • Identifying and overcoming the fears that keep you from connecting on a deeper level
  • Working as a team to communicate successfully and have fun

Shawn received his doctoral degree specializing in marriage and family therapy. As WinShape Foundation's Senior Director, Shawn oversees the Foundation's Marriage, Retreat, Foster Homes, and Experiential Learning ministries. Prior to his role at WinShape, Shawn served as the Director of Training for the Smalley Relationship Center, founded by Gary Smalley. Shawn is co-author of two books: "The Wholehearted Marriage?" and "Five Days to a New Marriage." Christina speaks and leads retreats as an adjunct faculty member of WinShape Marriage.

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